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Royal System is a complete system of colors (paints cars and paints wood and industrial painting), which was designed to deal with major companies through high quality enjoyed by the system where available for this Astm all the benefits that qualify for deployment to the market and to align the full confidence to everyone due so the standards that have been taken into consideration when creating this Astm of high quality and competitive prices and technical specifications that take into account the safety of the environment and resistance to environmental factors to provide a high level of client meet its requirements are fully up to the final product to the consumer as required.

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Is a set of paints comprehensive automotive paints and industrial paints and paint timber and features a product Professional wide spread because it meets the desires of the base the most widespread in the market where it deals with big companies those who want to deal in high quality as it deals with furnaces, workshops and all micro-enterprises, which differ Ahaajtha the quality of what between average and good and to be a high-Professional is a product that deals with all segments of the market, including matching and meets Ahtiajtha and desires.

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Why Nile Coating ?

Because we are moving according to a clear goal is a quality product and maintain it through a mechanism based on the application of quality system destruction in all departments and personnel training on modern methods of production and interest in the support and development of channels of communication between departments and personnel to get all of one team working on the development and continuity and gain confidence now and in the future and Talpita to the wishes and needs of the changing market and evolving under the banner of customer satisfaction is the goal.

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