The company began in 1982 in the name of the company specialized and represent the company's activity in the import and trade and distribution of automotive paints and subsequent With the expansion of the volume of transactions headed the company to engage in the manufacture of paints, where the company has leased production lines at the company Heliopolis Chemical Industries. A subsidiary of the National Authority for Military Production and expanded size of the deal to include contracts for the supply of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (aircraft factory) and Engineering Company for the automotive industry and EgyptAir ground Services and the Ministry of defense and Ministry of Interior and the largest private sector companies in the field of automobile manufacturing, and here I headed the company to set up a factory full and integrated can meet the demands of productivity is complete and established in the name of the Nile Company for Paints and Chemical Industries Company (recommendation simple) in the city of Salehia new in 2009, a first step that allowed the company to prove itself in the Egyptian market and heading to open foreign markets and already we were able to open markets in Libya, Syria and Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and others to be our wide spread includes the Middle East did not tell us this, but the confidence gained by our product in the market and we were keen to maintain that confidence and with the breadth of the volume of transactions in the internal and external market and the increasing demand for our products . we head to a new factory in Sixth of October in the name of Royal Paints and Chemical Industries to be the Nile Company for Paints and Chemical Industries is the parent company and offers factory Royal Paints and Chemical Industries producer in the name of Royal System (Full System) and who could enter the Egyptian market and overseas and gain confidence quickly because of its high quality and that this system provided for each unit are produced to meet the needs those who want to deal with the high quality.